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  • We’re aiming for smooth sailing. We want to create an easy to use and engaging learning resource with minimal hassle, but we’re expecting that there might be a few teething troubles to begin with. If you spot something that’s awkward or that doesn’t seem right, please don’t stay silent. We’re hoping you’ll help us iron out any kinks!
  • There’s a nominal £1 payment. We want your special access experience to be as realistic as possible, and that includes for our purchasing flow too. We’ve tried to make paying really easy for our customers, and since they’ll be making a payment at sign-up time we want you to see how that works as well. When you activate your special access membership we’ll take the £1 payment, and that will grant you a special status which lets you enrol for our courses without any further charge. If you’d like us to refund the £1 to you after signup then please get in touch and that can be arranged.


You can sign up to get your Special Access Pass below. The pass is a one-off purchase only available to a small set of hand-picked individuals, and it in turn entitles you to enrol for our courses free of charge. We’re hoping you’ll enjoy this exclusive preview, and we look forward to hearing from you about your experience here (by E-Mail or using our Contact Form).

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